How We Work

Outsourced Solutions

With In-House Style Attention

We’ll be an essential part of your management team; helping guide growth and realize profits through effective branding and marketing that builds engagement and brand ambassadors. You can rest assured that our team will work closely with you on your project, supported by an expanded group of professionals that allows us to quickly adapt as necessary to fit your unique project. From designers, to copywriters, to developers and more, we’ve formed strategic partnerships and collaborate with leading professionals in our industry. They are great at what they do, hold the same high standards as we do, and aim to provide a finished product that you will rave about to your clients and colleagues. You'll get great service and results from project start to completion.

our Process

Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day…

And neither is successful branding and marketing. Our detailed process ensures we understand your goals, lay out a successful plan for implementation and give you the best return on your investment.

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What To Expect

Are We the Right Fit For Each Other?

Branding and marketing shouldn’t be a confusing or painful process. It should be fun to discuss your visions, exciting to cultivate them, and rewarding to see them come to life.  We are highly collaborative, have a uniquely defined process, and provide personal attention most other agencies don’t offer.  Our direct and fun approach may not suit everyone; and not everyone suits us either.

Meetings, Calls & Emails

Several up front, less as we go through the process.


Usually weekly, sometimes daily.


Effective branding doesn’t happen overnight.

Personal Attention

Close contact every step of the way

Our clients, and the best way to serve them, are always at the forefront of our mind. You'll have direct contact to our President and Team Lead. Our collaborative project management and follow-up process ensures you know where we are at and what to expect next.

Value us like we value you

We value your time and expect the same in return.

We invest a tremendous amount of attention, time and effort in making your branding and marketing initiatives successful.  If you are looking for cheap or quick fix solutions, we aren’t the right fit for you.  If you value branding and marketing, are solutions oriented, and have a budget for your needs, we are definitely the right fit for you.

Keep it Organized

We’re committed, do what we've agreed to do and finish strong.

We’re proactive, plan ahead and make decisions quickly and confidently to avoid un-needed project delays or change orders. We promptly respond to emails, are readily available for meetings, offer timely materials and expect timely approvals to keep the project on-track, on-budget and achieve success.

Trustworthy and transparent

Many minds make great success.

Collaboration is an important key to our success.  You're good at what you do, and respect that we're good at what we do. You're looking for reliable solutions and honest answers —not a company to take your order.  If we don't feel your request is in your best interest, we'll tell you candidly and work to come up with a feasible solution.


Your vision, combined with our expertise, will produce results.

You work hard to build strong, ongoing relationships with trusted partners and so do we.  We pride ourselves on long-term success and want your business now and in the future.

The Budget

The # 1 Question...

...we get asked is “how much will this cost and how long will it take?” Similar to building a house, you can’t estimate the budget until you understand the goals and have a plan for design and materials.  Likewise, you can’t put the roof on until you lay the foundation and build the supporting structure.  Branding projects are no different. They have a sequence and vary depending on each client’s unique needs.  Below is a starting point of typical projects for reference. Through strategy we will define your price, timeline and Brandplan.

BRIX Brand Blueprint

BUILD a brand foundation.

Project Management


Logo Design

Business Card Design


Website Design/Development (Template)

BRIX Brand Assembly

ATTRACT attention from the market.

Project Management


Logo + Identity Design

Stationary Design


Website Design/Development (framework)

Social Media Design



Event Materials


BRIX Brand Complete

ACHIEVE engagement & growth.

Project Management


Logo + Identity Design

Stationary Design


Website Design/Development (custom)

Social Media Design



Event Materials

Logo Gear

Email Signature

Brand Guidelines

Proposal/Bid Template

Ad Template

Project Signage

Vehicle Wraps

We offer brand and social media management retainers in addition to project-based work.
Please contact us below for additional information.