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Before we started working with BRIX, our marketing and branding materials were inconsistent and we had a new service category to promote. We were short on time, concerned about cost, and anxious about getting results. The knowledge and work experience BRIX has with construction-related companies gave us immediate, measurable results...a 50% increase in RFPs in our new service category, an average of 10% more booked jobs, and a 20% higher booking rate. They gave us an impactful new vision and branding message. I highly recommend Chemene and the BRIX team!

Tim Ancira
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Even though we were a 55-year-old family business with a dedicated workforce and great values, the results didn’t seem to match the input. Chemene helped us understand that our brand means something to people. After our rebrand, we started into an uphill growth pattern in volume and margin. The BRIX team understood our industry, but came to our meetings, got to know our people, and built relationships with our employees to understand our brand. If you’re in construction, Chemene and her team understand what we do. I recommend their services to someone every week.

Kevin Lund
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We had an outdated website, inconsistent brand, and no social media. I hesitated to commit to the expense of a re-brand until Chemene laid out her process and vision for our company. BRIX enabled our customers to feel our great company and culture. Continuity in our branding and marketing led to more bids and RFIs and as we add more locations, the brand we’ve established with BRIX is transcending our competitors across the Pacific Northwest. Our company is more valuable, employee pride is at an all-time high, and our competitor's employees are coming to me for interviews. We’ve been blown away with the services BRIX has continued to perform for us, adding value to our company in ways we never expected.

Jay Selby
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We were starting a new business on short notice with a tight ramp-up period and had concerns about keeping the budget within our parameters. We needed to get our website, logo and branding off the ground quickly but professionally and we knew we wanted to work with BRIX from our very first meeting. They didn’t take shortcuts and their attention to detail, communication and follow-through allowed us to open for business right off the bat with a professional image. Since our initial rollout in 2016, we've continued to work with BRIX to expand other websites and refine our brand even further.

Megan Hafenstein
Vice President
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We knew a rebrand would be a huge undertaking of time and cost, so we needed a company that could really understand and showcase our story in our new look. Chemene wasn't afraid to push us to think differently, while respecting and incorporating the areas that were important to us in such a big change. BRIX worked diligently and knew what we needed before we did, keeping our project on track and making the design and execution of the rebrand seamless. The new brand and the meticulous way BRIX helped us plan the rollout, created energy and a buzz. The rebrand has opened new doors for us, giving us huge attention from our clients, prospects, and recruits.  Chemene and her team are experts in this space, and I will continue to recommend BRIX for branding and marketing projects!!

Dina Kimble
President & CEO
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The MA Long Construction team absolutely enjoyed working on our rebrand with BRIX. Chemene was excellent at outlining all of the materials that needed to be covered, and her speedy response to any questions we had made the process move smoothly.  Chemene did an extensive amount of research to ensure thorough content and that we were targeting the correct audience. The BRIX team was very detail oriented and made us confident that we were going to have top-notch, uniform branding. I would highly recommend BRIX for any branding, website or marketing that your company needs. 

MA Long
Michelle Madsen
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The American River Wealth Management team was looking for an agency to design a professional, unique, logo that speaks to our audience and represents our company’s goals.  We were concerned about cost while still setting ourselves apart from our competitors.   The knowledge we gained about projecting a positive image extended far beyond our logo.  Chemene took the extra time to consult us on the overall brand and the importance of our website design, social media, tagline and mission statement.  She was professional, personable, offered fair pricing, and was always available to answer questions.  We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to our logo and couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. We highly recommend Chemene and her team in helping take any business to the next level.

River Wealth Management
Rod Craig
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I needed a unified look and feel to show the professionalism of my business services. I had seen Chemene's branding work and her designs were always unique and clean - something I found very appealing.  I felt this was an important investment at a fair price and chose Chemene because she takes a personal interest in her projects.  She ensures she understands her client’s business, target market, and competitive advantage.  All of my marketing pieces are integrated and professionally done, helping my practice appear polished and professional.  As a result, I feel great about my new brand and have grown my business! I would recommend BRIX for the high-quality work, creativity, responsiveness, and on-time delivery!!

Stalker Forensics & Accounting
Annette Stalker